Greater Efficiency, Leaner Processes

PSG’s full service procurement delivers a complete solution, where you can meet all of your purchasing needs for non-production materials and services. This includes our globally unique combination of procurement services, eProcurement platform and invoice management. We also offer expertise in strategic sourcing areas, built together through longterm partnerships with our clients. Every step of the way, client satisfaction is our central focus. Count on personal customer service with our knowledgable consultants, here to answer all of your questions about the procurement process. When it comes to helping our clients succeed, we accept nothing but the best.



The cutting-edge of e-Procurement

C-products and services are essential to any business – but these procurement costs add up, often totalling many times higher than the value of goods. One focus of PSG’s work is to improve C-parts management. Unlike A- and B-parts, C-parts actually make up a high proportion of the product range that companies need, but only ever in low purchasing volume. PSG optimises your oversight and control of C-parts procurement: delivering immediate benefits, organisation-wide.



The foundation of all PSG solutions is a simplified procurement and payment process for our clients. No matter how many suppliers you do business with, through us you always have just one contact for ordering, delivery, invoicing and payment.

We ensure a smooth interaction with other applications, and optimal integration into your digital and commercial processes. Excellent on-site support and user training complete our service package..

Your Advantages at a Glance

PSG’s products and services transform your purchasing department, streamlining and automating the operational procurement process. Eliminate complexity – even in challenging areas like C-parts procurement – and have confidence in purchasing ease and convenience.

  • Reduced process costs
  • Fair market conditions
  • Time savings
  • Integration with your existing suppliers
  • Customized solutions
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Web-based cloud solutions
  • Smooth integration with ERP systems
  • No media breaks
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multilingual
  • Short lead times
  • Fast, secure, transparent

We develop your customised solution

PSG works with you to design and implement tailor-made solutions to fit your company’s specific needs and goals. Combining our expertise, we set you on the road to success.

PSG costumer solutions
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