The cutting-edge catalogue solution and market place, where lean procurement begins

Offering more than 8 million articles from over 150 suppliers, the PSG Shop is your modern standardised catalogue solution. Purchasing is effortless with our complete ordering system, which in addition to providing attractive purchasing prices, above all streamlines your effort. Achieve a lean procurement process and transparent purchasing control.

Take advantage of our pre-negotiated prices. Don’t waste time on lengthy arrangements and supplier selection: launch directly into your operational procurement, instantly optimizing your ordering process. Easily integrate your catalogues into the PSG Shop, and use the Spot Buy Solution to take care of up to 100 percent of your purchasing volume in one single, easy-to-use system.



The huge range of products available today in the PSG Shop covers more than 90% of C-Material needs.  Choose from a wide variety of suppliers for each product group, regardless of your industry – from automotive or mechanical engineering to pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or financial services. If you need to integrate a specialized product line, our customer-specific implementation is the answer. This keeps your entire procurement process easily managable through a single interface - PSG Procurement Services GmbH.

OCI5 background search

This powerful search function delivers total overview of the products and services you need. Search simultaneously through multiple catalogues as well as external supplier webshops. Add any number of content catalogues at the same time. All this is carried out from the comfort of your regular system, without switching media or interface. What really puts this new search function in the spotlight is that the PSG marketplace is designed to be OCI5-compatible. Searchable through other e-procurement systems, this means external  customers can benchmark their pre-negotiated product ranges with the competitive selection of PSG Webshops. Functioning like any other supplier, the PSG Shop connects directly to their purchasing system. Join other PSG clients, achieving solid price optimization, maximum transparency and top usability when you put the OCI5 background search to work for your business.

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