PSG-Spot Buy

Spot Buy

The One Vendor Model: for effortless order and invoice management

PSG Spot Buy lets you take advantage of goods and services otherwise unavailable in your purchasing and ERP systems. We have an entire range of competitive, market-driven offers. Simply define what you are looking for, send out an inquiry using our easy form, and get what you need – quick and hassle free. PSG takes over from there, handling all of the order logistics and providing verified invoices.

The core element of our special procurement services is a comprehensive One Vendor Model –delivering streamlined order and invoice management. Instead of dealing with countless suppliers, each is included into the Spot Buy system, and PSG functions as your single vendor. This supplier reduction brings remarkable simplicity to order processing and tracking, claims management and payment processing – transforming the purchasing department as well as auditing and accounting. The bottom line is time and cost savings, organisation-wide.




Maximum Time Savings in Spot Buy

Tailor-made to fit your needs, we optimise, simplify, support, or complete your purchasing tasks. Tackle any procurement need, getting special products and services quicker and easier using PSG Spot Buy. Putting our lean process design to work, save time on purchasing tasks and focus on strategy.

Handling your orders through PSG’s special procurement services also gives you the opportunity to improve conditions and set up new framework agreements. Achieve optimum process design, letting our total transparency and open book calculation give you full control and oversight at all times.


  • Initial definition of customer requirements, including customer-specific pricing and process design
  • Receipt of customer inquiries for all items or services, including all necessary documents
  • Detailed explanation whenever queries arise
  • Determining optimal supply sources
  • Collecting and comparing diverse offers
  • Generating customer proposals
  • Renegotiation and price confirmation of customer price requirements
  • Integrating suppliers and products and maintaining this data
  • Executing orders
  • Tracking and monitoring (deadlines, schedules...)
  • Supervising general conditions (logistics, shipping costs, customs information... )
  • Smooth claims process to take care of mistakes, complaints or misunderstandings
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